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  • I hate having my photo taken - is that an issue?
    I try and make it a relaxed and fun experience as possible. I give you as much guidance as I can. Every client who starts the shoot saying they hate the camera, always leaves saying “that was actually good fun!”
  • I would love my dog to come along too - is that ok?
    The more the merrier! I love animals and they are absolutely part of the family, so definitely bring them along with you.
  • What do I wear for a family shoot?
    Be comfortable, if you feel comfortable, you’ll look comfortable. Neutral colours work best and if you can, try to wear outfits that compliment each other. No graphics or heavy prints as it distracts from the moment captured. Try to be practical, flat comfortable shoes for example, as all my locations are rural.
  • How long is it until we get our photos back?
    This really depends on my workflow at the time. I endeavour to get them to you within a month of your shoot. I do always try and get them to you as soon as I possibly can, as I know everyone is always so excited to see the arrival of their precious photographs.
  • I would like to book, what's the process now?
    Head to the booking link, you can select the date and time most convenient to you, you select the slot and pay through the link provided.
  • Do i get a refund if i cancel my booking?
    All bookings made are final and cannot be cancelled or refunded.
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