How far will you travel?

No distance is too far…obviously travel costs would have to be incorporated into the fee. If your wedding is abroad, let's discuss the details.

I hate having my photo taken - is that an issue?

I try and make it a relaxed and fun experience as possible. I give you as much guidance as I can. Every client who starts the shoot saying they hate the camera, always leaves saying “that was actually good fun!”

I don't know any locations for family shoots near me...?

Over the years, I have found loads of great places and hidden gems in the Oxfordshire countryside. We would have a conversation prior to the shoot to discuss what ‘type’ of family you are. If you love the countryside, I would suggest a remote spot. If you’re more of an ‘urban’ family, I can suggest somewhere that has more industrial or textural backdrops - again, there's loads to choose from!

I would love my dog to come along too - is that ok?

The more the merrier! I love animals and they are absolutely part of the family, so definitely bring them along with you.

What do I wear for a family shoot?

Be comfortable, if you feel comfortable, you’ll look comfortable. Bright colours are ace for this, but really along as you’re dressed for the location, anything goes. (Eg, don’t wear stilettos to a shoot based in a muddy field!)

How long is it until we get our photos back?

This really depends on my work flow at the time. Obviously during wedding season, this tends to be longer. Family shoots tend to be a fairly quick turn around, 1-2 weeks. Weddings are a little longer. I try to get them turned around within two months, but I always try and get them to you as soon as I possibly can, as I know everyone is always so excited to see the arrival of their precious photographs.

I'd really like an album putting together, but can't commit to the cost when booking my wedding photography, is this something I can do at a later date?

Absolutely, weddings are expensive. Albums can be purchased at any point in time. I take bookings for these with no time limitation.

What happens if my wedding is running late, do you stay?

I always give you a 15 minute reminder to let you know when I’m due to leave, at that point, you can ask me to stay. I have an additional fee if this is the case, but this is all written in the Terms and Conditions so you know the cost of staying outside the agreed time at the point of booking.

What happens if it rains on my wedding day?

We would make a plan A and a plan B for if the weather doesn’t work in our favour on the day - this is England after all. I suggest investing in some cheap white brollies for at least the wedding party, this can look really cool! Rainy weather can create some amazing images… I know it can feel like an inconvenience… but it can look stunning. My advice would be to try not to worry about something out of your control, we would have a wet weather plan in place and a dry location for photos if it did rain all day. However, the majority of the time I find there will be a break in the weather at some point in the day, meaning we could get some lovely photos outside :)

I would like to book, what's the process now?

For wedding bookings, I send you a package in the post with all the paperwork. I ensure you get a copy of the Terms & Conditions for your records and one copy to sign and return to myself. I am really flexible with these and really, it's just so that we both have some security in a written agreement. Along with this, I ask for a £300 deposit to secure the date in my diary. This deposit is non refundable, and not transferable.

How long is the lead time when ordering an album…

This entirely depends on my work flow and volume at the time of ordering. I need to take into account the availability of both the printers and bookbinders also. I would say 6 weeks is an average lead time. If it is expected to be anything longer than this I will always communicate progress with you.