After the photo session or wedding, I take time to carefully edit the photographs. I give you all the edited photographs so you can choose your own favourites to print or email to friends and family. Once they are ready to send to you, I take the time to package them up carefully like a gift. You receive all photos on a personalised USB stick and I try to make every package as pretty as possible using pretty paper and string. I include in the package some prints of my favourite photos so you can display them straight away in your home. I love the fact that sending out special photographs is like sending a gift of memories to every client I have. As much as I love capturing the photos, my favourite part is sending them out as a finished entity. I love to hear back from my clients which were their favourite photos.

This part of my job is very important to me. Creating an alluring package is all part of the experience of choosing Fulton Photography, the love and care doesn’t end when I put my camera back in my bag at the end of the photo shoot. I believe the small details have huge impact.

Even though these days it is all about everything online, I still hanker after the good old fashioned times of receiving mail through the post. All photos are sent digitally on a USB but through the post. The joy of receiving something through your letterbox and ending up on your door mat is far more intruding than receiving an email to say your photographs are ready to view online! Not so long ago, receiving an email was far more exciting.

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