mainI work slightly differently to many other photographers; I work on a bespoke basis. I believe, where weddings are concerned, each brief is different and each couple are special and should be treated that way. I think it is unfair to offer three or so restrictive packages and expect each couple to slot into one of these categories.

I offer bespoke packaging – and pricing. This allows each couple to choose exactly what they want from their wedding photography and not be expected to pay for services they do not desire. I aim to offer the best price possible according to their requests and budget.

Therefore I see my position as a wedding photographer to be as flexible as possible to accommodate each individual couple and what they have planned for their special day.

Within every wedding quote I offer, I always include a pre-wedding meet at the wedding venue to go through the strategic plans of the day and the logistical implications. Planning is key. It ensures everything possible has been put in place in order for the day to run as smoothly as possible. The pre-wedding meet is also a great opportunity for myself and the clients to get to know each other a little more. For me – getting to know the client is an important part of my job. Capturing the personality of the clients as individuals and as a couple is a curtail part of wedding photography.

Some people may assume photography on the day is the end of my job, but actually it is only the beginning of a process. After the wedding day, I spend considerable time editing the photographs, creating a combination of colour and classic black and white photographs. My clients result in a USB of the fully edited, high resolution photographs to be posted to them. This means, you as the client receive all the photographs and may use these as you wish, either to email to friends and family or to print and showcase them in your home.

I offer additional services, such as bespoke album design (see my album section) and printing thank you cards for your guests. Both of these things can be commissioned before or after your wedding.


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