How do I work?

Please watch my short video to see a little bit more about me, how I work and why I love photography.


Photography has been a passion of mine for many years. I am always learning, view finding and being creative. Whether it’s a family shoot, new born or a wedding I love seeing so many happy people. Being able to capture this is one of the most wonderful things in this world and I am blessed to be able to call this my job. Throughout our lives everyone has ups and downs. I think capturing the ups very much helps with the downs. Being able to look through photographs, whether they’re recent or old, brings joy and a smile. Capturing moments that are poignant in our lives is so special. I like to capture the reality of whats happening, along with the atmosphere, details and ‘feel’ of the day or the dynamic of a family.

A little more about me…

Starting with the simple stuff...I have always been creative, I think this started with loving cutting and sticking at primary school, these simple beginnings lead me to do a degree in Interior Architecture and a masters in Project Management. However, life isn’t all about the academia...The most important things in my world are my family and my friends, spending time with them makes my world go round.

Laughing, I love to laugh, a lot of people say I have a ‘dirty’ laugh, still, at 29 I am trying to figure out what that actually means! If I don’t have my cameras in hand, I’ll be at the gym, trying to get stronger - to carry all that heavy camera equipment! Feeling air in your lungs, loud music in your ears and the muscle burn of exercise, that’s what I love. I always aspire to travel, ending one holiday by booking another. Seeing the world, different cultures and ways of life is what hits my soul...but who doesn’t love a holiday?

Over the last couple of years I have enjoyed making my house a home, I guess it’s another way of expressing myself creatively. I love putting things together, whether that’s fabrics and rugs, placing cushions on the sofa, framing artwork that I’ve collected over the years or choosing carefully where to put a vase of fresh flowers. I have great pride in my home, and it is my sanctuary. Aside from all the above, photography has been a massive part of my life for the last 6 years or so. I take great pride in what I do, I love being able to give people back a memory they made. Even now, when I look back at photos I took of other peoples stories, I also, somehow see it as my memory…I think because I put so much love into creating the shot, its special to me too. I love this part of my job. Over the years a lot of clients have become good friends and I hope this continues.

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