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My Experience

I have always been creative. My teenage years in education were always bound by creative thought. I was always pushing the boundaries in what I did. Artwork became the highlight of my week. It offered the opportunity for endless boundaries, lateral thinking, thinking outside of the box – the ultimate excuse or reason to be unrestricted.

The logical step forward took me to university. I challenged myself to explore and become qualified in Interior Architecture at Oxford Brookes. Upon completion of my BA Hons degree, the natural progression was to stretch my academic mind and continue with my studies. I elected to continue my learning in Architecture with a Masters Degree in Project Management within the field of the Built Environment.

This academic background provided me with certain educational stability and foundation for life.

This subsequently enabled me to return to the pure joy of creativity itself.

Throughout my journey, photography was always there in its natural form of recording my progress and experience in life. However, now I am able to explore the enchantment of photography per se.

My Philosophy

As I see it, interpretation and appreciation of photographic images is subjective. Images are interpretations of a lifetime moment. My job, I believe is to creatively capture any given moment to produce an image, which is thought provoking, alluring, engrossing as well as possibly stylistic. It is an enhancement of moments others may see causally or not see at all. I aim to capture the things people may leave unnoticed, a detail, a nuance of movement, a mannerism, a snap shot of expression, which typifies a part of someone's character or personality.

My life now allows me to follow instinctively in a further personal journey. It allows me to become engaged with my subjects and surroundings. As I see it photography is an analytical art form, which I see as a gift. It allows me to create an image for someone else's joy.

It is true to say, a high percentage of us own a camera or a phone which we all use daily to capture a moment. We all therefore collect many images – often times such images are rarely reviewed, revisited or reconsidered. Some of them become precious to us and we store them for posterity. They may not have been taken with any skill but they are personal and treasured. Long may this casual form of photography be enjoyable!

Rebecca Fulton

Rebecca Fulton

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